Healing Pathway has closed. But I’ll be back soon!


Thanks for visiting our page. Healing Pathway has closed. I’m Dr. Terri Shannon-Renfro, Dr of Naturopathic Ministry, (Ministerial doctorate-not physician). In our COVID era times, I saw the emergence of a new model for my work.  What has resulted from our time in lockdown and now as we reemerge into a new normal, is exciting. In our current COVID era age, the shift toward virtual work, learning, interaction has become the norm for many.

For years I have worked distance with some of my clients using a variety of energetic healing techniques. In recent years, I have found this to be a very effective healing process, sometimes with even better results than working in person. This has been especially true for those who are at high risk for COVID or those who simply try to limit their exposure, especially in healthcare settings.

So as the new business model with additional techniques and recent learnings have emerged.  (I never stop learning how to be a better healing facilitator!) Adaptations to my business model have also emerged, or are in process. The flexibility needed as we learn to live with a pandemic that has become endemic is one of the reasons I am closing Healing Pathway. But I am in process to reemerge with an emphasis on energy healing and the many ways working with frequencies and vibrational work can bring benefits to our overall well being. A new web domain will be established and I’d love to have you join me on my journey!