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Assessment and Life Organizational Tool!

Assessment and Life Organizational Tool!

  • Join Healing Pathway to get monthly wellness services, discounts on products and additional services plus special content for members only. Get info here!
  • Optional with your membership is a one year subscription to our amazing Wellness Inventory Assessment- a whole life organizational program! This is a virtual coaching program which allows you to set reasonable goals and action steps.  ($40 value)
  • Healing Pathway Membership requires monthly autorenewal and 30 days written notice to cancel.

Wellness Showcase

Body Work 

Coaching & Consulting

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Bach Flower/Traditional Flower Remedies Consultations
  • Aromatherapy Education & Consultation
  • Centering & Breath Training
  • Wellness Visualization Sessions and Training
  • The Enneagram Path to Growth

Information & Education

  • Wellness Showcases? Yes!  Hear all about Healing Pathway products and services, learn new approaches to wellbeing and do all this in a collaborative,  guilt and shame free environment  We’ll make it fun!
  • Workshops—Several topics relating to wellness and wellbeing.
  • Classes—Online virtual discussions or in person site based locations in the San Francisco Bay Area—and beyond!


  • Healing Pathway Cottage Grove Products-These are our products formulated by Dr. Terri Shannon-Renfro in small batches with high-quality ingredients- exclusive formulations, personal attention and healing intention lovingly included. This line includes Essential Oil products and Bach Flower Products.  More to come in time!
  • Wellness Inventory Online Assessment & Life Balance Tool- 1 year subscription
  • Aromatherapy blends-including our immense line of high-quality, high energy GoDésana Essential Oils
  • Traditional Flower Remedies-Stock essences and Custom Blends-Private consultations available
  • Sea salt products
  • Quality supplements and herbs—Known brands & direct sale products
  • GoDésana Products and Membership–Amazing Quality High-energy oils!
  • and more!

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