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Much of this data is from the webinar by Dr. Peter Osborne and SpectraCell.  Additional information will be added in time and as discussions ensue.  Part one is an overview of my notes from the webinar.

What is gluten?
Gluten is a storage protein found in the endosperm of the grain. It’s a mixture of proteins and found in all grains. “Gluten is composed of two primary subfractions: Prolamines  and Glutelins.  The prolamine gliadin is the most studied piece of gluten in the medical literature as it relates to celiac disease.” (Osborne)  Gliadin is also found in meat.

Book Review
Examining Alternative Medicine: An Inside Look at the Benefits & Risks
Paul C. Reisser, M.D., Dale Mabe, D.O., Robert Velarde
Intervarsity Press, 2001.  isbn#0-83-8-2275-5

I just finished a review of this book on Amazon.  I have been using it as a resource for my dissertation and was finding it frustrating.  I only found one “glowing” review on Amazon and felt the need to voice my opinion.  I’ve included it here in case anyone else is interested in the subject.  

I just finished a webinar presented by Dr. Peter Osborne through Spectracell Labs.  This blog will be the first of three parts.  I have been familiar with gluten intolerance as it related to celiac disease but hadn’t realized how pervasive it is and how likely it is that it is a root cause of so much inflammation and disease!  If you have had trouble figuring out why you’re so sick and tired, this might offer a clue.  Part two  What is gluten and how do I know if I’m gluten sensitive will have more basic info about gluten and sensitivity.  Sometime I’ll write up my health journey in regard to gluten (the journey is not over!) if I haven’t already but here’s my notes from the seminar for now…

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