Terri Shannon-Renfro is the founder and owner of Healing Pathway. Here’s a little glimpse into her story…

Personal Story- more of the personal/spiritual…
Terri Shannon-Renfro has lived in San Jose, California since childhood. Family is very important to her.  Spending time with her husband and four children are her favorite pastime. Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and the Monterey Bay are favorite places to hang out.  She loves biking, photography, wine-tasting, all types of music and gardens.  Favorite color?  The many colors of green as only God can paint them!  There’s nothing like a walk among the Creator’s color palette-the green of the forest, the blues of ocean or sky, and the myriad of floral colors! The healing energy of these colors is astounding!

Educational Journey

Undergraduate Education

A lifelong learner, Terri Shannon-Renfro attended several community colleges exploring speech pathology, humanities, writing, travel, early childhood education and photography. She returned to school after starting her family to attain her Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Bible and Theology/Management and Ethics from William Jessup University. Terri graduated Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the Delta Epsilon Chi Award for Leadership Ability from The Honor Society of The Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Certification and Graduate Degrees
Terri continued her education in both certification and academic programs. She became certified to practice and teach Cellular Response, an energetic healing technique, which synthesizes healing techniques and principles from healing martial arts and other modalities.  Cellular Response is a gentle touch therapy that activates the body’s natural healing processes.

Believing that the importance of addressing matters related to the spirit was equally important as those of the body or mind, Terri chose Trinity School of Natural Health to obtain two degrees: a “Traditional” Naturopath, Doctor of Naturopathy-N.D.(Unlicensed) and a theology degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry-D.N.M. The principles of Trinity fit well with Terri’s spiritual convictions which can be explored in various blogs. Through Trinity Terri studied, natural health practices such as aromatherapy, nutrition, iridology, reflexology, traditional flower remedies (also known as Bach Flower Remedies), acupressure, and many more principles and practices of natural health. She wrote her dissertation on matters of healing as they relate to a Creator/Creation model of healing philosophy and intervention. Terri was awarded these doctoral degrees on November 29, 2011.

Terri recently obtained her certificate as a Wellness Inventory Wellness Coach.  Terri’s coaching includes The Wellness Inventory Wheel, an invaluable tool from Wellness pioneer, Dr. John W. Travis. This training recognized by the International Coaching Federation. Terri’s coaching style is client directed.  Rather than advising or telling her clients what to do with their lives, Terri will create a safe space for her clients to discover what the next step for their own wellness journeys.  She will also assist clients to create their own action steps and be a safe accountability partner along the way. Ask me about Dr. John Travis’ Wellness Iceberg.  It’s enlightening!

Continuing Certification Journey
Terri continues her journey toward certification in aromatherapy  In addition, Terri has studied aromatherapy from multiple sources and is currently in process toward a aromatherapist certification, obtaining her training from Dr. Maria-Dolores Trujillo, a consumate professional and founder of the Aromatherapy Institute, who was mentored by eminent researchers who developed today’s Therapeutic Aromatherapy theory and practice.

Continuing Education
Terri always seems to be encountering new learning opportunities.  In addition to her training in Clinical Aromatherapy, she also practices Holistic Aromatherapy.  (For an explanation of the difference, see our FAQ page.) Terri’s favorite Essential Oils come from Green Organics GoDésana and formulator Alexandria Brighton.  

Spiritual Direction
Terri has a Bible and Theology degree and has served as a pastor in a non-denominational church plant.  Central to her wellness philosophy is the importance of including spiritual work in healing journey.  She also believes it’s very important that the journey be yours born of a desire to connect your spirit with Your Creator who desires to co-create with you!

Professional Services by Healing Pathway-Highlighted at our Showcases
Terri Shannon-Renfro saw the need to create a new culture and expectations around wellbeing in a user-friendly, guilt-free context. That’s when the Wellness Showcase was born. In a friendly home-like environment, Showcase guests will leave their excuses, guilt and stress at the door and explore wellness from a new approach, one of pleasure and fun, not shame. Guests will be introduced to all of Healing Pathway services and products and a membership plan to keep the wellness moving forward.

Partnerships with Wellness Professionals
Terri, a natural networker, is always developing cooperative relationships with other Wellness Professionals such as Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and others to create a two-way opportunity for collaboration to support her clients and those of these partners in the best way possible.  If you are a wellness professional and would like to work with Healing Pathway, please contact us or click here for more info!


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