About Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

My Personal Testimonial

          FSM has significantly changed my life! I was diagnosed with chronic pain and fibromyalgia in the 90s. In addition, I had very painful, pervasive postsurgical/post injury adhesions and scar tissue inhibiting my life and wellbeing. My recent experience with FSM has wiped out the fibro pain and is eliminating the adhesions. I move and feel better than I have for decades! —Dr. Terri

Patient/Client Testimonials

         “I am very excited about how I am responding to FSM treatments. I have experienced nerve pain since October 2010 as a result of spinal compression and consequently back surgery. After I consulted with Dr. Terri Shannon-Renfro, I have had FSM treatments targeting my nerves and spine. I am thrilled to say I am currently pain free.”—B.W. 2/1019

I am a typical 50-year-old woman – overweight, underactive, but trying to improve myself.  I injured something in/around my knee at the gym. After six months I was still in pain. I received one FSM treatment and I was amazed!!! I felt so much better. Not cured, but about 90-95% improvement. That same night I went to the gym for a training session. Usually I wake up the next day and have significant pain and lack of mobility. Not the day after my first treatment! I felt the same as I did before the gym. Two weeks later I had another FSM treatment. At first, I was disappointed because I felt the same, no improvement. But four days post-treatment and having been to yoga and a training session, I feel like my knee is 99% healed! I am just gobsmacked! I highly recommend FSM treatment to anyone who is struggling with pain but does not want to take opioids or other drugs that just mask their symptoms. There is life after injury!”—S.S.

Hi Terri. I wanted to let you know how my first body session left me. As you witnessed, I was very relaxed during and after. Best part, my headache had subsided. As you know I’ve suffered the last 5 years from cervical vertigo spending 24/7 feeling as though I am floating and 1-3 days a week with a headache stemming from the inflammation in my cervical discs. When I woke up the next morning after our cellular response energy healing session I felt clear minded and rested. For the first time in years I was not floating. I felt balanced on both feet and no headache. Now, I have never tried any holistic healing and I do take medication every day for my condition. As of today, I still feel good allowing to go the gym this morning and have a terrific core workout. I felt the floating sensation only after I was getting a little tired but I was fine once I caught my breath. My balance was the most major thing I noticed, so did my trainer. Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself and getting me in for this much needed energy work. I am so excited to find out that I may not have to live everyday feeling tired and unbalanced both mentally and physically. This is still AMAZING to me. You should have seen me working yesterday. I usually drag in after the 36 hour turn around to Brentwood. I got home late, around 8:00 feeling great. Even my family said how nice it was to see me happy, knowing I was feeling much better. Thank you, thank you!! Forever grateful for the prayers also and I look forward to continuing our work together to keep me aligned.–M.

Terri, Thank you so much for the amazing session last Friday! I have not felt this hopeful about the possibility of actually _healing_ (as opposed to just getting some temporary relief) in a really long time! You have an incredible gift. Thank you for sharing it!-G.

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