For most of California, the air quality is dramatically being affected by the fires.  Even if you’re miles from a burn area, you may be suffering from the effects of smoke. My deepest sympathies go to those displaced or to those who have had loss of loved ones or property.  This is a very stressful time.  The love and prayers of everyone are very significant right now.

There’s also a huge need for self-care in times like this. As a Dr. of Naturopathic Ministry and a wellness coach, I can’t stress the importance of caring for yourself as you care for those closest to you. I’ve been asked by some what I might recommend to those who wish to do that.  Here are my suggestions from a mind/body/spirit perspective.

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Some of my Facebook Enneagram friends requested a private message about EFT. I didn’t want to go too far into the EFT or tapping in the thread or in the group because I wasn’t sure it was the appropriate place. But since they asked for the PM about tapping, I thought it might also make a useful blog entry. Here goes…

Here are some resources for you… I’ll continue to update them. Those in the first section will be ones I personally have read. Below there’s a list of contributions of our friends in my Facebook Enneagram group.


The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile. – A very accessible introduction

The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson—This one of the classic go-to sources.  It has a quick test that can actually be a first step toward knowing your number. *Remember the tests aren’t always definitive.

Basic Enneagram Model

Basic Enneagram Model

I’ll do my best to break this very complex system into bite sized bits. There are many resources I’ll be drawing from.

I’ll start with breaking down the diagram. In one sense it will demystify it. Those among us who love to step into the mysteries of God can explore more and will find it all fascinating. I did!


Intelligence centers:

Anger/Gut Triad 8-9-1

Feelings/Heart Triad 2-3-4

Fear/Head Triad 5-6-7

My experience with the Enneagram has been nothing short of an Epiphany with a capital E. But how does a “personality typing system” create healing? There are many elements of resistance that can arise with exposure to the Enneagram. Any of these questions or objections seem familiar?

Basic Enneagram Model

Basic Enneagram Model

  1. I hate personality typing stuff. It’s putting me in a box! I’m a unique person and object to the whole idea!
  2. Somebody told me I’m a (fill in a number). Now I feel like they’re judging me or seeing me as nothing more than my number. That can’t be right.

Woman washing upDid I leave you hanging? Enough time has gone by that it’s like we’re in a new TV season and it’s time to resolve the cliff hanger. Well I’m sure I’m not that riveting in my blog posts (yet!) 😉 But I do want to continue my story.

So to catch you up from part 1, one lesson from Healing at the Bottom of a Dishpan was to choose empowerment rather than persecution. Instead of being a victim of a dishwasher fiasco, complete with shame, defeat and a scarcity viewpoint, I chose to get creative – avoiding the Drama Triangle and instead choosing to work in the mindset of Co-creator. But there was more! So this idea of being a Creator/Co-creator doesn’t end with the first creative choice. It flows and moves into more, much more in this case. Healing at the bottom of a dishpan, part 2!

Would I have ever guessed a broken dishwasher would prove to be a pathway to healing? Hard to believe in this day of instant gratification that I didn’t just run right out and replace my well worn, five year old broken dishwasher but thank God I didn’t!  We’re on quite a journey these days-so in transition.  In the past year we’ve been watching as Barry’s PTS transform into PTS-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder into Post Traumatic Stress Growth.  I’ve grown with him.  My courses for my coaching certification have given me an avenue for growth I did not expect.  There’s been so much going on for me, it’s been hard even to slow it down long enough to blog about it.  I formulate a blog in my mind around a lesson I’m learning and another one comes so quickly on the heels of it I don’t have time to put it all into words, let alone into a blog.  But this one is so meaningful to me and from such an unexpected source that I have to share it even if it’s just for me.  Hopefully some of you will also find it helpful.

Today’s word carries with it both the present and the future. It’s energy is largely positive unless one is holding a great deal of fear or shame. What kind of energy do you sense? Is it hopeful or full of dread?How does this word “feel” to you? What does it reveal about the care and health of your soul?  Whatever it’s energy is in this present moment, my hope is your heightened awareness might bring a positive shift and sense of hope! If you’re feeling a need for connection and support in this area, I’d love to help!

Today’s “re” word: regroup

Today’s word is a little less sexy. It’s a little less creative. But I feel it’s import none the less. It feels a bit like a word for an upcoming day more than today but when I try to choose another it keeps coming back.

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