Individual Membership– (includes optional Wellness Inventory subscription-1 year)– $125 per month charged the first of the month to a card on file.
30 day written notice is required to cancel membership–24 hour notice required to cancel appointment.
Includes 1 standard session each month.
Plus additional discounts on products, services, and benefits

Family/Multi Session Memberships available
Great Savings  on Package Pricing

Single Session Pricing
Single Session (Regular)     Price:
Brief 30-40 min*                    $75
Standard 1 hour                    $175
Extended 90 minutes           $225

Package Pricing (Savings approx. 20%)
Session Length:    3 Single Sessions
Brief 30-40 min*    Retail: $225                    3 Session Package Price: $180          Savings: $45
Standard 1 hour   Retail: $525                    3 Session Package Price: $420          Savings: $105
Extended 90 min  Retail: $675                   3 Session Package Price: $540          Savings: $135

Session Length:    5 Single Sessions
Brief 30-40 min*    Retail: $375                   5 Session Package Price: $280           Savings: $95
Standard 1 hour   Retail: $875                   5 Session Package Price: $700           Savings: $175
Extended 90 min  Retail: $1,125                 5 Session Package Price: $900           Savings: $225

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