Bach Flower/Traditional Flower Remedies

Throughout the ages flowers have brought us joy and meaning.  In ancient times, folk healers suggested collecting the morning dew from various flowers for medicinal purposes. Today’s Bach Flowers or Traditional Flower Remedies are descended from this practice.


In the early 20th century, an English physician, bacteriologist and researcher, Dr. Edward Bach, formulated flower remedies from 38 flowers.  Dr. Bach had discovered through working with various vaccine-like diseases and disorders that people with the same physical symptoms healed differently from each other.  He also noticed that commonalities in the personalities or emotional patterns of his patients corresponded with their patterns in healing.  Longing for a more positive healing energy than germ based vaccines could provide, he sought out something in nature to perform the same tasks of healing.  His own knowledge, sensitivity and intuition brought him to the discovery of the wonder of flower essences.  He was known to have placed a dew covered petal of a particular flower in his mouth and could sense what healing or shifts it could bring to the emotional and behavioral aspects of himself and therefore to his patients as well.  Dr. Bach collected the petals, placed them in pure spring water in the sun, allowing the sun to encourage the petals to release their energetic essences into the water.  He then collected the water and over time was able to match each flower to specific emotional and behavioral patterns that were in need of balancing.  He would say that the essences had the ability to turn vice into virtue.

How they work

The flowers work on a very subtle, energetic principle to bring balance in a marvelous way.  At Healing Pathway we’ve seen the flower blends support clients in so many ways:

  • PTSD symptoms eased
  • Mental focus improved
  • Emotional ups and downs of puberty lessened
  • Raised vitality in Chronic Fatigue clients
  • Anxieties and fears calmed and courage grew
  • The deep emotions of grieving were softened allowing peaceful recollections to be felt even in grief

Types of Emotions the flowers address

As Dr. Bach worked with these concepts of the effect of the emotions on physical health, he grouped the 38 flowers in  7 categories:

  1. Fear
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  4. Over care for the welfare of others
  5. Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas
  6. Loneliness
  7. Despondency or despair

Five of the flowers are combined in Dr. Bach’s amazing Rescue Remedy formula, a synergistic formula great for any and all situations where support for body/mind/spirit is needed.

These 38 flowers cover issues like depression, managing and handling conflict, self-esteem, energy and matters relating to the self or in interactions with others.  Some ease the ability to make conscious choices.  Others allow for a softening of rough edges or can be used in conjunction with soul work or energy or talk therapy.

How are they taken?

The flower essences can be taken singly or in combination (up to 7 flowers) directly in the mouth or preferably in water.  They are nearly tasteless, colorless, and odorless when mixed with water.  You can place a few drops in your water bottle and carry them with you throughout the day.

Consultations available!

The flowers act subtly yet powerfully to bring much needed change, growth and healing.  Book a consultation with Healing Pathway or contact us for more info on this powerful healing modality.