Cellular Response is a touch based, natural healing method that utilizes the energetic and cellular processes in the body to activate the body’s innate healing mechanisms. With gentle touch to specific areas on the body, your body will begin to make it’s own needed changes. This may be structural through the releasing of muscles, tension, the gentle repositioning of the bones or joints and/or it may include immediate to eventual pain relief, detoxification of the body and the release of Alpha (and sometimes Delta brain waves).  Alpha brain waves have been shown to be a part of the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is needed to mitigate stress and its harmful effects on the body.

We get great results on pain relief, glandular support (especially for the immune system and worn out adrenals), muscle and whole body relaxation and more!

I love Cellular Response! The bodywork is clothed. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing. Cotton or other natural fibers are preferred. Cellular Response Therapy can be combined with another therapy such as Reflexology or Relaxation/Breath Training.

Choose Cellular Response for stress management, to assist your body in injury repair, chronic pain matters, or just for an overall wellness tune-up.  Taking care of you is a vital part of living a life of wellness!

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