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Some of my Facebook Enneagram friends requested a private message about EFT. I didn’t want to go too far into the EFT or tapping in the thread or in the group because I wasn’t sure it was the appropriate place. But since they asked for the PM about tapping, I thought it might also make a useful blog entry. Here goes…

I discovered tapping in my coaching training a few years ago. It came at a really good time—actually all of that did! Without going into too much detail, I had some challenging times for whic I needed tools! I found myself in a deep dark night of the soul accompanied by PTSD which awakened some childhood trauma that I was unaware of. Needless to say, I needed all the tools I could get. Tapping has been one of those.

One of my favorite resources to learn about tapping, as well as to get great scripts and videos and audios to follow, is https://www.thetappingsolution.com

A sister and brother team, Nick & Jessica Ortner are at the helm. They have amazing hearts and so much wisdom for their years. The help and influence that has resulted from their work worldwide is really remarkable.

The research on tapping is also remarkable. It is new science to many and therefore suspect to those for whom that matters. To me it is science confirming what has been known since antiquity but often got lost in a more tribal and divided world. For many Christians it feels outside of their tradition and perhaps has roots in things they see as evil or idolatrous. Many Christians who have looked at it openly see it apart from religious filters and lenses and adopt it readily as I do. For me there are things that are true because they are Creator made. This is one. Though I always recommend discernment for each individual. For those who are followers of the Christian scriptures, I point to Paul’s teaching on eating meat offered to idols. Anything is ok unless for you it isn’t.

That said, without giving the whole history, tempting as that is, in a nutshell it involves literally tapping gently on various head and torso acupuncture points that we believe work with the energy and/or nervous system to untie “knots” caused by trauma or life circumstances. These knots, these stresses,  create ways we can get stuck in fight, flight or freeze mode or in unhelpful habits.

We start with tapping the side of the hand while saying affirmations “even though… ” and state the situation were working with… “l completely love and accept myself and honor these feelings, beliefs etc.”

Then we move around various points—an image of the customary points can easily be found online. We begin with “truth tapping” where the negative thoughts and feelings are said out loud (perhaps most effective) or silently.

It is believed telling our traumas or negative experiences without tapping can actually reinforce them as neuronal pathways in the brain. Pretending they aren’t there buries them. Another favorite healing book by Karol Truman says “Feelings buried alive never die”* to which I add, “they just come back as zombies, uglier and meaner—then they eat you!”

As I tap on these negative experiences I am releasing their energy knots and can get unstuck or more curious. Sometimes emotions flow. Sometimes ideas do. Sometimes what you can do will come to you during tapping.  How’s that for Enneagram energy center work!?!

The best way to learn is to get in on the free annual tapping summit which just happened a month or two ago. Sorry. So better yet, look it up on YouTube and visit the Tapping Solution website as well. There are some great videos free on YouTube. My favorite teachers are Nick or Jessica Ortner, Brad Yates, Margaret Lynch, and Cheryl Richardson to name a few.  I’m in the Tapping Insiders Club (monthly fee subscription) now that I have become aware of how helpful it is. When a member of the Insiders Club you have access to amazing resources and a Facebook community as well.

For a quick peaceful tapping, here’s a link to one of my favorites from Jessica Ortner. Thanks Jessica!

Hope this helps. Feel free to FB message me or email, etc if you’ve got more questions. If you’re local you can try an in person Healing Pathway consultation session to delve deeper as well as other services I offer for dealing with stress. If you’re open to it I also work via FaceTime or Skype and “work distance” energy healing as well.

Be well! Happy tapping!

*Karol Truman’s book of the same name has been a huge help and her “script” is one of my favorite tools in my Soul Care Tool Box. Her second book “Healing Feelings from the Heart” is an excellent one as well and offers some great “forgiveness” work

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