GoDSaltCrystalsI’m doing a quick blog here to share my knowledge and some links about Solay (or Sole) from Himalayan Pink Salt. I first heard about it from my terrific “salt” friends at Sea salt Therapy. Love it!—and them! I’ve also got several colleagues in the wellness field that love it as well. It’s a simple and inexpensive remedy for enhancing health. I sell the salt as one of my products available from GoDesana. http://www.godesana.com/healingpathway.

Here’s the how….
Place chunks of Himalayan pink salt in a glass jar, preferably with a non metallic lid. Add pure spring water (I’ve heard people like Fiji water for this) and let it all sit overnight. The salt will begin to dissolve into the water. You can over time add small amounts of water to the jar to replenish it. As long as you can see salt crystals on the bottom of the jar there is no need to replenish the salt.
Mine is in a decorative glass jar with a glass lid. It looks pretty sitting on my sink.

I usually use about 1 teaspoon of the salty water in a glass of water first thing in the morning and again at night if I’m feeling like I need the support. Otherwise once a day works pretty well. It does have sodium but is well within the RDA limit for most people. The Himalayan pink salt also has about 80 trace minerals that are very beneficial for health. The pink salt has no additives or dangerous processing so it’s a great type to use.

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