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Healing at the Bottom of a Dishpan – Part 2

Woman washing upDid I leave you hanging? Enough time has gone by that it’s like we’re in a new TV season and it’s time to resolve the cliff hanger. Well I’m sure I’m not that riveting in my blog posts (yet!) 😉 But I do want to continue my story.

So to catch you up from part 1, one lesson from Healing at the Bottom of a Dishpan was to choose empowerment rather than persecution. Instead of being a victim of a dishwasher fiasco, complete with shame, defeat and a scarcity viewpoint, I chose to get creative – avoiding the Drama Triangle and instead choosing to work in the mindset of Co-creator. But there was more! So this idea of being a Creator/Co-creator doesn’t end with the first creative choice. It flows and moves into more, much more in this case. Healing at the bottom of a dishpan, part 2!

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