My work gives me so much joy! This time it was at Pharmaca.  I was privileged to be part of a beautiful redemptive moment today between one of my favorite customers with a newborn (I’ll call her Serena), and another brand new customer (who I’ll call Hannah) that I will never forget. Hannah whom I’d been helping a bit earlier took a moment to help Serena in a way that blessed me initially just in seeing them share common experiences of motherhood. But there was so much more going on than I realized. Thankfully Hannah came back into the store a few minutes later to share a critical element of the story that I might have missed if she had not cared enough to share.

Continuing the journey…

This is what my bowl of blessing rocks looked like when we set them up on my display table at the event we recently attended in Southern California.

HP blessing rocks 500

This is what remained in the bowl when packing up the display and I noticed several of the rocks with blessing words were missing, as well as the precious heart-shaped green stone that has such deep meaning for me.

healing rocks after some taken

Some have suggested that perhaps the bowl looked like the words were for the taking, like a candy bowl. For next time, that will be a great idea.

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